Friday, May 27, 2011


I've finally sorted through the pots and picked some of my favorites to share with you. Overall I'm very happy with the firing. There was one glaze that bleached out in the salt from green to white. Now that I think about it, that is to be expected! I won't be doing that again! I favor the pots from the first chamber, the ones without salt. I think I can figure out more glazes I like in the salt, but for now my favorite combo is the Tile 6 flashing slip with the black brushwork. Above and below are some tributes to Durham. I've enjoyed etching into plates lately. The best contrast turned out to be the Starworks Okeewemee clay and tile 6 slip. The white slip did not work very well (not pictured, white slip etching).

Tile 6 slip with black slip brushwork.

Red shino and white shino with brushwork.

Yellow amber with black slip.

Slip trailed pots.

The pitcher on the right (below) was slipped trailed the Hannah McAndrew way, with iron slip on top of wet white slip. It was much harder than the demo! I hate the fact that it is a one shot deal, so I need more practice on pots I'm not planning on keeping. This one is okay, but it scared me to death.

Teapots inspired by John Britt's teapot demo. Also, not as quick and easy as the video.

Marie and I after unloading the second chamber.


  1. wow such awesome results.. you have to be happy :))

  2. Your midnight firing made for a very dramatic photo... love it! Also love the etching.

  3. Hey Julie, The pots look great. You gotta love the T-6 and black for sure. The amber looks super too. Well done. Nice start to many more pots to come from that kiln.