Monday, August 30, 2010

Removal of the Immobile Mobile Home

Things are looking a lot better around here. I got some help removing the immobile mobile home, it was very close to where I want to build my kiln (and also the ugliest thing I've ever seen). Here are some before and after pictures along with a video of the destruction of the trailer. According to my neighbor we also got rid of two copperhead snakes. She politely accused us of running off the snakes by knocking down the old buildings and bush hogging the property. They had to go somewhere and they chose her terracotta flower pots. I have a feeling that we didn't necessarily run them all off though, there is a nice spot under the house I'd choose if I were a copperhead.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

2010, The Abbreviated Version

It has been a while since my last post, almost a year, and I thought I could finally let people know what has been going on with me. I wish I had posted more along the way but the time to do so always eluded me. I was quite busy with the apprenticeship at Hewitt Pottery and the 2 hour daily commute. To summarize my apprenticeship experience, I learned a lot and grew as a person tremendously. I was never quite happy with my pots but assume that is normal. The apprenticeship ended in May, I then caught up on my old life and rested for a few weeks. Steven and I took a wonderful trip to San Francisco and Yosemite. In June I started making pots at home, then I fired them in the Cedar Creek kiln at Creedmoor in July. In August Steven and I drove those pots to our hometown of Pontotoc, Mississippi where we sold them at the Bodock Festival. But the biggest news of all is that at the end of July we purchased a property in Stem, NC that contains 4 acres with a house built in 1901. The place needs a lot of work, there are a few eyesores that will need to be taken care of, but I can see the potential in it. Kiln shed coming in September and wood kiln in October. Firing in November? We'll see.