Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well, that's probably a little dramatic. All the lids that I made last night have been destroyed during the trimming process. Many things to learn from this situation. First thing being don't make pots the night before for class. Next lesson, watch the dryness of the pots and lids more closely. I think the lids were too soft, therefore they did not hold up when a trim tool was applied to them. Get the shape of the lids more like the finished product when throwing them. I thought I could leave tons of extra clay at the bottom and trim it away. No, the less trimming needed the better. Stop trying so hard and also lighten up! I've only made 15 of these lids in my pottery career and it takes about a thousand to get them perfect. If I still have these problems on lid number 500, then I should worry about my throwing skills. It has been disappointing that I still have not made a single teapot from this teapot workshop. I feel it's better to get the parts right before fitting them all together. You can't have a great teapot if the lid does not fit or it is trimmed wonky. You gotta crawl before you can walk. I'm gonna go crawl with some more lids today. At least the teapot class has me working toward a goal. I'll get there someday.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I made several lids this evening for 2 pots that will become teapots tomorrow (they are the two pots in the background). These pots are to take to my teapot class at Claymakers. It has gone by so fast, only 3 classes. The instructor is one of my favorite pottery instructors Susan Filley. I have learned so much, but have been stuck on these lids. I think there should have been a lid class prerequisite. I have not tried this type of lid before and would like to master it. I made a batch before these and they were not even close to fitting. The angle of the inside gallery of the lid was all wrong. Also there were a few lids that didn't make tonight's first round cut. Lids 2 and 3 bit the dust early.

First Post

Well this is my first post on this page. Just trying out this blogging thing. I hope that it gets a little easier as time goes on, right now I don't have much to say. I chose a pottery photo at random, to see if I could figure out posting a picture. I hope this little batter bowl is happy and being used. I forget who ended up buying it, but I believe it was fired last spring.