Monday, May 11, 2009


I have been working on something a little different lately. I was asked to donate a piece for the Troika Pin Projekt, which raises money for the Durham music festival Troika. In the past area artists have painted or carved old bowling pins to be auctioned off to raise funds for Troika. My contribution this year is a functional piece that looks like a bowling pin. While others are making a bowling pin into art, I am making functional art into a bowling pin.

My first attempt is a little short when compared to an actual pin, that's why I have two more in the works. The pot has a lip for pouring, hopefully it will be a nice decanter for someone.

The last picture is another pin that I need to finish tonight. I unfortunately had one pot come off in my hands while the wheel was turning due to the small area attached to the bat (that's why you always make extra). So for this one I added a coil at the bottom to stabilize it. I also found it easier to use the capping method to get a tall piece with a narrow neck. I'm starting to get the hang of these, I'm just a few pins away from changing my artist statement to, "I'm inspired by Village Lanes and the movie Kingpin."

My husband Steven and I are off to Peru tomorrow. We will be taking in all the beauty of Machu Picchu on Saturday. Adios!