Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hannah McAndrew and Doug Fitch Workshop

(Plate by Hannah McAndrew)

(Jug by Doug Fitch)

British Potters, Hannah McAndrew and Doug Fitch taught a workshop Saturday in Shelby, NC. They demonstrated their throwing, altering and decorating techniques. Below is a puzzle jug, made by Doug and decorated by Hannah. I've never seen such a jug and it is a puzzle! How do you get the water out without spilling it all over? Not going to spoil it for those that want to figure it out. I must say, I would have never gotten it on my own.

Here is a picture of Hannah's high tech slip trailer. Amazing what she can do with it, it is essentially an old bike tire inner tube with cork and a mechanical pencil held together by a paper clip. I am definitely going to give this a try, it seemed that the slip came out more consistently. I'm sure it had nothing to do with Hannah's years of experience and skill.

Here are some of the pots they brought with them to sell in the gallery.

Hannah's pots above. I ended up with the tall dark pitcher (jug) with yellow slip trailed flowers in the back.

Doug's gorgeous pitchers (jugs) and mugs. The mug on the far right below with sprigs made it home with me too.

Of course, I had to be a nerd and get a photo with Hannah. She was so sweet and charming. I hope they both have had a great time and have a safe trip home. A big thank you to Ron and Sarah Philbeck for putting this workshop together. They did a great job!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art in Clay Exhibit at Old Salem

I enjoyed an impromptu field trip today to Old Salem Museum and Gardens, after doing some part time pharmacy work. I've wanted to visit for years now but have never had a good opportunity until today. They currently have an amazing exhibit until August 14, 2011, "Art in Clay: Masterworks of North Carolina Earthenware". It is a ground-breaking exhibit that features approximately 120 pieces of masterfully decorated slipware, sculptural bottles, refined creamware and faience that are but part of the rich artistic legacy of North Carolina's first earthenware potters. I had the best day, looking at slip trailed pots, snacking on Moravian sugar cake. Sometimes you need a day like today to take it easy and get inspired. Now I'm even more psyched about this weekend's workshop in Shelby, NC featuring Hannah McAndrew and Doug Fitch. I feel it was serendipitous that I had free time today to see these wonderful pieces right before my slip trailing workshop. Look for many slip trailed pieces to come! Sorry, there is no sugar cake left to share.

Below is potter Michael Fox making an ink well.

These nice gentlemen are cutting my freshly baked sugar cake.