Friday, November 26, 2010

Coating the First Chamber

On Wednesday my friends, Trish Welsh and Emily Cox, came out to help coat the first chamber. We cut and laid the kaowool ceramic fiber, then covered that with chicken wire, and finally coated it all with the sand/clay/cement/straw mix. We had a great time. Here are some pics of us ladies in action.

Here is Trish, covering the sidewall.

And Emily .

This photo was taken for a laugh at how potters use their shirts and pants to wipe their hands. More funny than this would be when I'm in "good clothes" and forget it is not acceptable to wipe hands on yourself. This action is usually followed by the thoughts of "What was I thinking? Or not thinking?".

We did not get the entire chamber covered, but got most of it done. We were running low on clay and had to make a run to Claymakers to get more. Also Joe was working on the main firebox and we will not be able reach some areas due to invading his work space. I plan to finish up with the coating next week. I've got family visiting for Thanksgiving and I'm enjoying some rest and time with them for a few days.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tatami Bricks!

We unloaded the kiln today and the tatami brick look great. No casualties, so the preheat took care of drying them out. We hope to place them tomorrow, and also coat the kiln, which means we'll be done! Yea! Joe did a more in depth post of today, so check it out here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tatami Brick Bisque Firing Stoker Gallery

We had a lot of visitors come out for the tatami brick firing. I really appreciate the help and enjoyed seeing everyone. Thanks so much! Bob Feth came out for a little while Sunday morning and made sure we stayed on track.

Joe returned mid-morning, after doing the night shift.

Wendy Neale and Spence Bardeen arrived around noon.

Steven brought us lunch, then took over stoking duties.

Darren Sink visited mid-afternoon. He brought his dog Shadow. Shadow had a great time exploring the property.
I helped too!

Matt Hallyburton came out for the last few hours, helping us get the cones down. We finished around 9 pm. On the schedule for today, not much. But tomorrow we plan to unload the tatami brick and get back to work to finish the kiln by the end of this week.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ready For Another Firing

Tomorrow we will be firing the second chamber again, this time it will be filled with tatami brick. We will follow the same schedule as last time, going slower due to the thickness of the tatami brick. We only need to go to cone 1 this time so I image we will finish a couple hours sooner but the firing will take about 18 hours. We started preheating yesterday and will continue today. We will really start going about 6 am tomorrow and hope to finish around 8 pm.

I finished up the first chamber wall yesterday, today I will start working on the door side. I also need to go get a few loads of wood for the firing. You can see the fire in the second firebox, preheating the tatami brick.

Here is a photo of the whole kiln, it is really coming along. Joe has been working on the main firebox and he has done all the work on it. I think it is beautiful, I wish that we did not have to coat it. We are close to the point where we will finish with the tatami brick on top. Most likely we will be finished with the kiln next week.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Few Pictures From the First Firing

Joe and I fired the second chamber of the kiln on Sunday with the help of Luke Studer and Bob Feth. It was a nice and easy firing, the easiest I've ever done. We had no problem getting temperature and all cones were within about a quarter of each other. I was worried it was too easy, meaning the pots probably would not be nice. I know that is pretty pessimistic of me but I've been let down so many times in the past I was prepared for the worst. Most of the pots in the kiln were Triangle Brewing Mugs for their Black Friday celebration. I had a lot of eggs in one big ole kiln basket, but they all turned out great! I am so pleased with the kiln and the results. Here are a few pictures of the mugs.

Here is a view inside the kiln. We stacked the kiln very loosely. I imagine we could get four times the amount of pots in that we did. We needed to fire the kiln to top temperature because we are going to bisque fire the tatami brick next. Joe thought that it was a good way to make sure all mortar and castable were dry/set while simultaneously testing the bagwall. Also I did not have time to fill the kiln but had an order for about 75 mugs. When I decided to make the mugs back in the summer I imagined I'd be renting a kiln to fire them, I did not realize I would be in the middle of building a kiln. Anyway, it all worked out!

On Tuesday we continued making the tatami bricks. Here is a photo of Joe, Matt and I after we finished. Yea! This involved lots of wedging of groggy clay, my hands are glad to be done.

On Wednesday, Steven and I worked on the first chamber wall. Thanks to Steven it is very level. I was losing my patience and also starting to hit my limit of brick laying. You would think it would get easier but the trick is that the bricks are not all quite the same size. Eventually Steven started measuring the thickness and the hard bricks. They were in a range of 2.25 inches, 2.5 inches and 2.75 inches. It was hard to fit these brick in with the consistently sized soft brick. At least it's not me, it's the brick! We finally got them level with lots of mortar.

Joe worked on the main firebox, isn't the little arch cute! Joe was in the zone when working on the firebox, it was quite interesting to watch him work.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Many Hands

Joe and I have had lots of help over the weekend. There are a lot of pictures on Joe's blog but I'd like to add a few more. On Saturday, my good friend Niko and his family came out for a visit. Here is Niko letting us know that we need to use a straight brick on the arch as soon as we get more brick. We ran out of arch brick so had to take a break from the first chamber. More brick will arrive on Thursday. A big thanks to Niko's mom, Eleni, for bringing out yummy beans and bread. They were delicious!

Steven helped out most of Saturday, handing up bricks to Joe for the chimney. Unfortunately there was a little accident with bringing down the mortar for the last time. Oh well, it washes out.
On Sunday, Wendy, Spence and Kyle came out to help coat the chimney. Here Kyle and Wendy are mixing the mortar/cement/straw coating mix.
Kyle mastered the limb and trim baby chainsaw.

Then everyone helped with the chimney.

Wendy helped with the side wall, making sure we got a perfect fit.

By the end of Sunday the side wall was finished in the second chamber, we used the leftover coating from the chimney on the side wall too. We got a lot done this weekend and had a lot of fun doing so. I'm so glad my friends came out, it feels like I haven't seen them much lately. But the kiln will be done soon, then maybe a little bit of my social life will return. Thanks to all that have helped so far: Steven, Matt, Gaines, Stewart, Elizabeth, Eleni, Bob, Spence, Wendy, and Kyle.