Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hewitt Pottery Kiln Opening This Weekend (and next)

Hewitt Pottery is having their summer kiln opening this weekend and next, August 29th/30th and Sept 5th/6th (Saturday 9 til 5 and Sunday 12 til 5) . I know that I should have mentioned this earlier, but we were so busy getting ready that I haven't had time. Here are some photos from yesterday's preview. Unfortunately (or fortunately) a lot of these pots now have new homes. But come out if you have a chance, there are some beauties left and new pots not previously seen saved for next weekend.

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  1. Hey Julie, I was checking out Samantha H at Bulldog and clicked on your blog from Hers! Sweet, to read and see your Hewitt studio experience thus far. Your studio facelift project and D St. coiling are encouraging. Pics are worth so much! Thanks.