Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who needs a silly ipod?

Sometimes I am lucky enough to have a live band playing while I am working in my studio. The space is shared with Steven's band, The Dry Heathens.
During this evening's show I trimmed some tea bowls that I made yesterday . These tea bowls are for the powdered green tea (matcha). They are fairly wide so the matcha can be mixed easily with a bamboo whisk. This is my first batch of tea bowls this cycle. I think I should have left more clay at the bottom to trim away. I felt like the clay at the bottom was distributed wrong.
My favorite finished bowl is the second from the left. I like it because it has a rounder shape that is curved in, where most of the others are flat and open outward.
Freshly thrown tea bowls.
Freshly trimmed feet on tea bowls.

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