Friday, March 6, 2009

Empty Bowls

Steven and I went to Durham's 3rd annual Empty Bowls benefit last night. The turnout was tremendous. I have not heard any totals yet, but I feel like there were twice as many people as last year. Last year they sold about 350 bowls, I can't wait to hear how many went this year. The downside to so many people was that they ran out of soup. What a brilliant way to evoke compassion for the hungry.

The first bowl I chose looked very familiar to me. I knew who made it immediatley and picked it up quickly. It was a large gas fired porcelain bowl with a shino glaze made by Deb Harris. I have admired Deb's work for years and own a few other pots she has made. I've also taken a few pottery classes from her at Claymakers. There was a lot of bowl envy directed at me, many people came up to me at dinner and commented on it's beauty. It's huge too, almost 11 inches across.

This bowl was made by my friend Trish Welsh. I was so excited to find it, Trish sent me a photo of one like after it was fired. I really wanted it when I saw the photo. I'm so lucky! It was fired in a soda kiln and has a black slip design over the glaze Ice Ice Baby.

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