Monday, November 22, 2010

Tatami Brick Bisque Firing Stoker Gallery

We had a lot of visitors come out for the tatami brick firing. I really appreciate the help and enjoyed seeing everyone. Thanks so much! Bob Feth came out for a little while Sunday morning and made sure we stayed on track.

Joe returned mid-morning, after doing the night shift.

Wendy Neale and Spence Bardeen arrived around noon.

Steven brought us lunch, then took over stoking duties.

Darren Sink visited mid-afternoon. He brought his dog Shadow. Shadow had a great time exploring the property.
I helped too!

Matt Hallyburton came out for the last few hours, helping us get the cones down. We finished around 9 pm. On the schedule for today, not much. But tomorrow we plan to unload the tatami brick and get back to work to finish the kiln by the end of this week.

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