Friday, November 26, 2010

Coating the First Chamber

On Wednesday my friends, Trish Welsh and Emily Cox, came out to help coat the first chamber. We cut and laid the kaowool ceramic fiber, then covered that with chicken wire, and finally coated it all with the sand/clay/cement/straw mix. We had a great time. Here are some pics of us ladies in action.

Here is Trish, covering the sidewall.

And Emily .

This photo was taken for a laugh at how potters use their shirts and pants to wipe their hands. More funny than this would be when I'm in "good clothes" and forget it is not acceptable to wipe hands on yourself. This action is usually followed by the thoughts of "What was I thinking? Or not thinking?".

We did not get the entire chamber covered, but got most of it done. We were running low on clay and had to make a run to Claymakers to get more. Also Joe was working on the main firebox and we will not be able reach some areas due to invading his work space. I plan to finish up with the coating next week. I've got family visiting for Thanksgiving and I'm enjoying some rest and time with them for a few days.


  1. Is that a Ruggles/Rankin design? I think I helped build an almost identical kiln to yours in Canton CT. It fires like a dream. Can't wait to see the results out of yours.

  2. @Ben. You are correct, the kiln is based on that design. We have fired the 2nd chamber twice and it gave great even results. Also it is very efficient. Love it!

  3. brilliant work, i plan to do the same on my lil fibre kiln when the reno is complete..

  4. Julie, Trish and I had a ball getting in the mix with you on your awesome new kiln. Thanks for sharing the good mojo that rubs off from working next to you and Joe. What a peaceful work environment!