Wednesday, June 24, 2009

David Stuempfle Coiling Workshop

I attended a 3 day workshop on coiling large pots taught by David Stuempfle at Central Carolina Community College in Siler City, NC . David demonstrated how to make large coils that were an even thickness and proper length for the pot base. He showed how he attached the coil in a rhythmic motion with his thumb and middle finger. This was followed by a wooden paddle and anvil with a similar premise, paddling the clay with a consistent force and rhythm to make the walls. There were also weed burners involved. Always fun to add fire when throwing.

The pots I made were not that great or even made it through the whole process, but I got a tremendous amount of practice and feedback about how to improve. It's always good to have someone help you work out the kinks when learning a new technique. I think I have some concept of the fundamentals of coiling and just need hours and hours of practice...and hours.


  1. Wow, looks like I need to do some of this. Saw Daniel Johnston working up at Penland. Cool Stuff. I guess you'll be in the big pot business soon. Now I'm curious how Donna Craven makes her big pots. I guess you also need a big kiln!

  2. nice summary by the way, reminds me that I need to get practicing!

  3. what a great job with your blog, Julie! Great photos, too, as usual, and it sounds like you're really off to a great start at Mark's!