Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Kiln Shed is Finished!

Yea! The kiln shed is now complete. We had a slight hold up on getting posts in (ten days), but they finally came in and the guys finished up everything today. It is a lot taller than I imagined but I think that will help keep it cool when next to the kiln. Also it needed to be taller on one end since I'm building a double chambered climbing kiln and want to use the natural slope of the hill for it. We will start excavating next week .


  1. Rock on Julie!! Looks great. Let me know when you need me! I want to offer my support in some way!

  2. nice!! its a very fancy looking kiln shed :)) the difference between building materials used is quite lovely, here we used a lot of galv!! cant wait for the next bit..

  3. I hear that helping build a kiln is a lot of fun...